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The Living Classroom is a Regenerative Agriculture Centre on 150 hectares. It is a small farm or a very large garden depending upon your outlook. It targets, students, tourists and artists and offers courses and experiences in future food and fibre systems. The Living Classroom is a project to delight the eye and uplift the soul. The site is open 365 days of the year and a walk around the 150 hectares will cost you nothing but your time. 

Costa Georgiadis gives his support to The Living Classroom.

A feature of this year’s Bingara Orange Festival in July was the visit by the ABC TV’s ‘garden guru’ Costa Georgiadis. Costa had been to Bingara before in November 2015 and had visited The Living Classroom as part of that visit.

In November, the “AUSSIE FARM DAM MAKEOVER” Project was in its early days. Costa was enthusiastic about the project and its significance in showcasing options for water management and food production.

Back in Bingara for the Orange Festival, Costa was keen to see how TLC had progressed. His visit was made even more meaningful with the Mediterranean Garden, titled ‘PARADISE FOUND’, being showcased as a new project for the site. ‘PARADISE FOUND’ reflects the opportunities encountered by the Greeks from the island of Kythera who in the early 20th century purchased Peter’s Café, and 80 years ago in 1936 built the iconic Roxy Theatre.

Costa shares a Greek heritage and he was delighted to hear about, and then see for himself The Mediterranean Garden at The Living Classroom.

“This is a project of national significance,” Costa said of The Living Classroom, “I do a lot of travelling around the country and there are not a lot of projects of national significance going on where food is concerned,” he said.

From PARADISE FOUND the group walked to the Great Lake and examined the AUSSIE FARM DAM MAKEOVER project. Costa reflected on the rapid changes that had occurred there since his November visit and commented, “You can’t beat walking across the stepping stones, holding hands with a young person, and talking about the joys of life!”

For more details about what else The Living Classroom has to offer, and about hiring the venue, contact Rick Hutton the CEO of Gwydir Learning, on 0438 355 197.

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Entry fees: $5 for a guided tour please call Rick Hutton to arrange a tour.


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